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UFC Already Hyping Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans

The Rampage Jackson-Rashad Evans fight is still a month away, and the UFC still has another pay-per-view show to promote between now and then. But in a sign of how big the promotion expects this fight to be, they're already hyping UFC 114, even though it's still more than a week before UFC 113.

The 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter was the highest-rated in the show's history, and although that was mostly because of Kimbo Slice, a huge portion of the show was devoted to hyping the rivalry between Rampage and Rashad, the rival coaches. The UFC expected that fight to be a major pay-per-view draw in December of 2009, and when Rampage pulled out of the fight to go film The A-Team, the UFC lost a lot of promotional momentum.

Now, six months later, they're trying to get that momentum back. Not only has the commercial you see above already been added to the UFC's official YouTube channel, but it's also playing on Spike TV. Next month Spike will show three-part Primetime series to keep hyping the fight.

Rampage vs. Rashad was being billed as one of the marquee fights of 2009, and I don't know if the UFC can completely regain the momentum it lost when Rampage left the company. But it's doing its best to try.