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Andrei Arlovski: 'I'm More Disciplined Right Now'

To revitalize his career on the heels of back-to-back knockout losses, Andrei Arlovski has turned to two of the top camps in MMA, the American Kickboxing Academy and Team Greg Jackson, for his May 15 Strikeforce fight against Antonio Silva.

But before Arlovski could look elsewhere for additional training opportunities, he needed to make amends and prevent a divorce from his own camp in Chicago, Ill.

"After my loss to Rogers," Arlovski said Thursday on a media call. "I had a meeting with all my trainers and they kind of gave me the ultimatum that you have to do it our way, or you have to look for some different trainers. And now I've become more discipline."

Prior to the Rogers fight, Arlovski was already in the doghouse with his own team for his brain freeze during the Fedor Emelianenko fight. After controlling the ring for the majority of the fight, Arlovski threw strategy out the window by charging forward with a flying knee. It was all Fedor needed for an opening to turn the fight around, flattening Arlovski with a precise overhand right.

Then five months later, Arlovski was supposed to get back on track in his Strikeforce debut against the then-unproven Rogers. But instead, Arlovski overlooked Rogers, concerning himself more with a Fedor rematch campaign.

"I didn't stick with my game plan, I didn't take Rogers serious and the result, he knocked me out in less than 20 seconds," Arlovski said.

After recommitting with his team, Arlovski last year made a connection with Jackson in Albuquerque, N.M. and spent time with the likes of Jackson, Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine. This past March, Arlovski traveled to San Jose for the opportunity to train with one of the UFC's most promising heavyweights.

"I had a chance to work with Cain Velasquez, Mike Kyle and this was great. And I remember how Bob Cook all the time he did conditioning, yell all the time, 'You have to do better.' He pushed me all the time so I really appreciate him. It was a great experience for me."

Arlovski hopes his growth will be on display against the dangerous Silva on May 15. He has no choice, says the former UFC heavyweight champion.

"I could say I'm more disciplined right now," Arlovski said. "For sure I'm going to stick to my game plan. No more flying knees against Fedor Emelianenko, no more getting back with my hands down like how it was against Rogers. I just can't do that anymore."