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Shogun Talks Machida Decision That 'Tore Out My Heart'

Shogun Rua is about to get his rematch with Lyoto Machida at UFC 113 after losing a close decision at UFC 104. It was a close decision he still hasn't completely gotten over.

"The feeling after the judges' decision was announced was like someone tore out my heart," Rua says. "What gave me comfort was to see my corner men support me, the crowd behind me thinking that I won the fight. When I went back to the hotel, the amount of care and support I got from the fans, everybody was telling me I won. This gave me some comfort and what matters most is I'm getting a second chance. I was very happy with the offer of a rematch with Machida. I feel very motivated and I'm training very hard."

Rua says he wants to take the rematch out of the judges' hands.

"I'm looking to make a statement with this fight and finish it in a decisive way," Rua says. "I'm a fighter that always fights to finish fights."

Rua also took a shot at Machida's elusive style, saying he can't "understand how a guy who only walks backward
will be more recognized than someone who is pressing the fight."