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Dana White: I'm 'Very Confident' That Jake Shields Will Be With UFC

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- It's arguably the worst kept secret in MMA today, and that's Jake Shields' likely future with the UFC.

UFC president Dana White appeared during the WEC 48 pay-per-view with his arms around the Strikeforce middleweight champion and mouthing to the camera, "he's mine." Well, not exactly right now, but most likely in the future.

"The deal with Shields, is that there's some discrepancy as to whether it's 45 or 60 days he has left on his contract," White told a group of reporters after the press conference. "So he can work that out with the knuckleheads (Strikeforce), and when he does, we'll jump in there."

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Shields is coming off an impressive win over Dan Henderson in the main event of last week's Strikeforce on CBS event. Although Shields is Strikeforce's champion at 185 pounds, he's more naturally a welterweight, and that's where there's the potential for a superfight against welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

"Shields is amazing," St-Pierre recently told "He's of course the guy to beat right now. He's fighting at 185 pounds right now, and he's dominating and beating everyone at 185, and he's a 170-pound fighter. He's not only an amazing fighter, he's an amazing jiu-jitsu fighter."

There's also a rumor floating around that Shields would coach The Ultimate Fighter next season opposite St-Pierre, but that would be impossible, White said, considering that filming will begin in around five weeks.

With St-Pierre short on legitimate challengers, Shields would be a welcome addition to the UFC roster. And unless Shields is pulling a Tito Ortiz (who during his free agency period appeared on an EliteXC event on CBS) by appearing on the competition's program to drive up his own price, all signs are pointing to Shields taking a step next inside the Octagon.

"I'm very confident that he's going to be with the UFC," White said Saturday.