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WEC 48: Shane Roller Dominates Anthony Njokuani on Ground

Shane Roller used textbook wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu to completely dominate Anthony Njokuani Saturday night at WEC 48.

Prior to the fight most people thought Njokuani was the favorite because of his superior striking, but it turned out that it would be fought almost entirely in Roller's backyard, on the ground.

Roller went for a takedown immediately at the start of the fight. Roller used his superior wrestling to get Njokuani's back on the ground, locked in a body triangle to control Njokuani, and eventually sunk in a rear-naked choke that made Njokuani tap 3:07 into the first round.

"It's fun when you get your game plan together and execute," Roller said. "It feels good."

Roller improved his record to 8-2 with what would have to be considered the biggest win of his career. Njokuani fell to 12-3 with one of his most disappointing showings to date.