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Video: Post-Fight Brawl at Strikeforce Nashville

Strikeforce: Nashville featured three good fights in the cage on CBS, and then one very bad fight in the cage on CBS, when Jake Shields (who had just beaten Dan Henderson in the main event) was confronted by Jason Mayhem Miller in the cage immediately afterward, and Shields' corner began to brawl with Miller. The video is above.

It wasn't completely clear what transpired: Miller, the host of Bully Beatdown, is known as a joker and may have merely been trying to joke around with Shields. But it appeared that Shields' friends Gilbert Melendez (who had beaten Shinya Aoki earlier in the show), Nick Diaz (the Strikeforce welterweight champion) and Nate Diaz (Nick's brother and a UFC fighter) took it very seriously and escalated things after Shields and Miller engaged in a brief shoving match.

Whatever happened, the Tennessee State Athletic Commission should scrutinize the tape and suspend anyone involved. This post-fight brawl was disgraceful.

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