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Strikeforce Live Blog: Jason 'Mayhem' Miller vs. Tim Stout Updates

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- This is the Strikeforce live blog for Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Tim Stout, a middleweight bout on the undercard.

Miller returns from a loss to Jake Shields from the last CBS card with this short notice fight on this one against Tennessee's own Stout. If Miller wins, he's being rumored to fight Robbie Lawler on June 16 in Los Angeles.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: The two come out a bit cautiously, but Miller eventually moves in for a takedown, putting Stout on his back. Miller lands a few overhand lefts from the top. Miller softens him up and finds some openings. The holes seem to open faster, or Miller begins finding them easier, and he batters Stout until ref Mario Yamasaki has seen enough. Stout emerges with a badly bloodied face, and a result that will probably end up on the CBS broadcast.

Winner: Miller by TKO.
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