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Kyra Gracie Still Weighing Offers for MMA Debut

24-year-old Kyra Gracie has already established herself as a top female grappler and it'll be only time until she makes her move to MMA. But with no contracts signed, Gracie fans that have been waiting will have to wait a little bit longer.

"I got some offers, but I'm not sure yet," said Gracie, who would not reveal the interested parties.

Gracie has been training MMA with Claudio Coelho in Brazil and will be making a trip to New York to train again with her uncle, Renzo.

Gracie has been busy with her jiu-jitsu endeavors. Earlier this year, she held her first-ever Kyra Gracie 2010 women's only BJJ camp and has already planned another for 2011.

Gracie, who has considered MMA over the years (see above video from 2006), recently told that she has no time frame for a debut and would only say that it will be "soon."

"I'm still checking the best one," Gracie said. "Soon I'll make my MMA debut."