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Josh Bryant Talks 'TUF 11' Episode 3

Josh BryantUltimate Fighter 11 contestant Josh Bryant took some time out this week to discuss the latest episode of the UFC's reality show, in which one fighter departed, another arrived and Team Liddell kept winning.

Michael David Smith: Chris Camozzi had to leave the show because of a jaw injury. What was your reaction when you found that out?
Josh Bryant: Chris was a tough guy. I didn't think that was going to happen. i thought he had a chipped tooth but it ended up being a cracked jaw that could have been a really bad injury if he had been hit again. The guy is tough, man. He had a tough fight to get on the show and it was crazy to see him go. I've been in touch with him since the show and he's still training and staying in shape in case he gets the opportunity. I hope it turns out well for him.

Seth Baczynski, who had been eliminated in the opening round of fights, got to return to the show to take Camozzi's place. What's your take on Baczynski?
I saw his fight with Court McGee and man, he's a tough guy. It was a close fight so him coming back onto the show was going to be a serious threat to all of us.

Your coach, Chuck Liddell, decided to set up James Hammortree vs. Brad Tavares as the next fight, and it turned out well for your team when Tavares won a close bout. What did you think of the decision?
I think Tavares is a better fighter than he showed in that fight, although he did let Hammortree take him out of his game plan. Tavares is tough to take down and keep down. It was a very close fight but I think Tavares at the end of the third round got the win. I thought it was the right decision. He did just enough to win, but I think he's a much better fighter than he showed in that fight.

To start the show Team Liddell won two straight. That must have had you guys feeling good.
We felt really good about winning two straight. They were questioning us, but we showed we could beat them in the Octagon.

So far we've hardly seen you on the show. Can we expect to see more of you soon?
I'm wondering why they haven't put me on the show yet. I've done a ton of interviews and people are looking for me but they haven't shown me. A lot of what you're seeing is the conflict between the guys on Tito's team, and we're not seeing as much of our team. I'm not the guy who acted like a jerk, maybe that's why I've gotten no face time.

(Editor's note: Check back next Thursday to catch up with Bryant after the fourth episode.)