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Bellator 14 Undercard Live Blog: Curran vs. Goldsby, Herrig vs. Rakoczy, More

CHICAGO -- This is the Bellator 14 live blog for the dark matches on tonight's card at the Chicago Theatre.

The main event is veteran Jeff Curran (32-12-1) facing Bellator open tryout recruit Bryan Goldsby (14-6).

The live blog is below.

Bouts After TV Card:

Jeff Curran vs. Bryan Goldsby

They are meeting at catchweight of 140 pounds. Curran is the smaller fighter here.

Round 1: Goldsby with a punch to the body followed by a hard leg kick. Goldsby lands cleanly on a left. Goldsby's next shot is low and Curran takes a brief breather. Goldsby goes for a flashy kick and misses. Curran lands on a nice combo. Curran catches a kick and Goldsby does a crazy roll out. Quick exchange of punches. Goldsby misses on a spinning back kick but is able to drop Curran with punches. Goldsby lands a couple of nice elbows and then stands the fight up. Curran has blood on the left side of his head. Goldsby chases Curran around the cage. scores the round 10-9 for Goldsby.

Round 2: Curran goes for the side kick. Goldsby with another leaping kick that misses. Curran shoots but it's Goldsby who tosses Curran over. Goldsby attempts to wear Curran down from side control. Curran escapes to guard and throws his legs up for a triangle. Goldsby won't have any of that and walks off. More blood on the face of Curran. Curran lands a nice left to the body followed by a right. Goldsby throws a leg kick. Curran taunts his opponent by bending over to smack his own butt. Goldsby takes Curran down. Back up, Curran lands a kick. scores the round 10-9 for Goldsby.

Round 3: Goldsby's high kick glances on Curran's head. Curran shoots and pulls guard. Curran blocks a high kick. Curran lands a nice left. Curran hitting hard and Goldsby applauds his opponent. Curran lefts forward with a left hook. Curran definitely more active in the third round. Goldsby has slowed down. He appears happy to cruise for the decision. Curran lands a nice jab followed by a right. Curran pressing the action. Curran lands a side kick. Goldsby lands a low blow and you can hear the smack. Curran recovers. Goldsby running from the action.

Third round was all Curran but it was too late. His opponent, already up two rounds, wouldn't risk engaging. scores the round 10-9 for Curran and the fight 29-28 for Goldsby.

Goldsby wins by unanimous decision 29-28 x 3

Felice Herrig vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Round 1: The kickboxer Herrig immediately starts with kicks. Rakoczy pushes back immediately with punches and they go into clinch. Josh Barnett, who is cornering Herrig, watches out for Herrig by complaining to the ref about Rakoczy holding the fence. Herrig takes Rakoczy down. Barnett calling for elbows. Rakoczy briefly scrambles out but Herrig drives her back down. Herrig sloppily tries to pass and is put on her back. Rakoczy with right punches. Herrig looks like she wants the armbar. Rakoczy rolls out of a submission attempt and Herrig ends up on top, trapping one of Rakoczy's arms. scores the round 10-9 for Herrig.

Round 2: Herrig lands on a counter right. Herrig attacks to the body. Kakoczy lands a straight. They clinch and Herrig grabs a standing guillotine. Rakoczy slams her down hard. Herrig walks the cage and attempts the triangle. Herrig switches to an armbar. Rakoczy refusing to tap. Rakoczy escapes and they are back to standing. Herrig tries another standing guillotine and is again slammed down. Herrig with a possible straight armbar or omoplata and Rakoczy steps over. scores the round 10-9 for Herrig.

Round 3: Herrig reaches for the double and they clinch. Herrig lands a hook. Both ladies are tentative. Rakoczy with a straight right. Rakoczy lands two nice shots. Rakoczy backing Herrig towards the fence. Herrig shoots and works for the takedown. Rakoczy pushes her off. Rakoczy is turning it up by mixing it up punch combos. scores the round 10-9 for Rakoczy and the fight 29-28 for Herrig.

Two judges give it 29-28 for Herrig and one scores it 29-28 for Rakoczy.

Herrig wins by split decision

Bout Before TV Card (6:30PM CT):

Louis Taylor vs. Ryan Sturdy

No entrance music. There's only about 75 people in the audience now, but that's to be expected since doors just opened a short while ago.

Sturdy has Bart Palaszewski in his corner. Taylor has Roberto Ramirez of the Chicago Fight Team.

Round 1: They feel each other out back and forth. Sturdy comes in with an overhand right to set up the clinch. Taylor escapes on a left hand. Loud crack! Taylor drops Sturdy with a left high kick and the fight is over. Excellent highlight reel knockout to kick off the night.

Taylor wins by KO - Round 1, 1:08

Taylor improves to 6-2. Sturdy of Crystal Lake falls to 12-5-1.

Only one prelim for tonight. Jonatas Novaes pulled out of his fight against Daniel Straus due to illness.