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Bellator 14 Live Blog: Toby Imada vs. James Krause Updates

CHICAGO -- This is the Bellator live blog for Toby Imada vs. James Krause, a lightweight tournament quarterfinal on tonight's Bellator 14 card.

Imada-Krause replaces Patricio Pitbull vs. William Romero on tonight's card due to Pitbull having VISA issues. That fight will be scheduled for another date.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Krause working kicks. Imada finds a home with a right and left. Imada doing a good job avoiding punches but he's not checking Krause' kicks. Imada launches an overhand counter. It misses but Imada is able to get inside Krause' guard. Krause rolls out of ground and pound but loses his back. The sequence finishes with Imada in Krause' halfguard. Imada passes to side control. Krause's long legs are making it difficult for Imada to do damage on top. Imada sits back with the omoplata. Krause steps over and now he's in Imada's halfguard. Imada climbs his legs up for a triangle or armbar. Krause stands and comes down with a right. Imada rolls for a leglock. Krause takes his back Imada walks out of it. scores the round 10-9 for Imada.

Round 2: Imada takes the fight to the floor. Imada almost secures crucifix but the lanky Krause kicks out of it. Imada attacks with a kimura and Krause puts him on his back. Imada scores with a double leg. Krause gets in position to drive Imada down on his back. Imada attempts the armbar and finishes.

Imada wins by verbal submission - Round 2, 2:44

Imada completes the lightweight semifinals field. He joins Pat Curran, Roger Huerta and Carey Vanier.