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Bellator 14 Live Blog: Pat Curran vs. Mike Ricci Updates

CHICAGO, Ill. -- This is the Bellator live blog for Pat Curran vs. Mike Ricci, a lightweight tournament quarterfinal bout on tonight's Bellator 14 card.

Pat Curran (9-3), the cousin of Jeff Curran, takes on Ricci (5-0), a training partner of Georges St-Pierre.

The live blog is below.

The first fight on the live Fox Sports Net card.

The undefeated Ricci walks out first to the red corner. He has Firas Zahabi in his corner. Pat Curran of Crystal Lake has the local fans on his side as he enters with Jeff.

Round 1: The southpaw Ricci tests the waters with feints. Curran working leg kicks and front kicks to the body. Ricci's first roundhouse kick is blocked. Curran lands with another front kick. They're taking turns stalking each other with Curran working more effectively with kicks. Curran steps forward with a huge overhand right and drops Ricci. Beautiful KO. Curran followed with around six punches, but they weren't necessary. Ricci was already out cold.

Ricci was slow getting up, but he recovers and is able to participate in the results announcement.

Curran wins by KO - Round 1, 3:01

Curran is now 10-3. Ricci suffers his first loss, falling to 5-1.

Curran joins Carey Vanier
and Roger Huerta in the lightweight semifinals.