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Josh Barnett vs. Kim Couture at Bellator (Sort Of)

CHICAGO -- Josh Barnett and Kim Couture will step into the cage against each other on Thursday night at Bellator 14.

They won't be fighting each other, of course, and they'll only be in the cage working against each other in between rounds. But Barnett, a former UFC heavyweight champion, and Couture, the ex-wife of a former UFC heavyweight champion, are cornering opposing fighters on the Bellator show. Couture's fighter is Jessica Rakoczy, and Barnett's fighter is Felice Herrig.

I spent a couple of minutes talking to both Barnett and Couture about their future plans at the Bellator weigh-in.

Barnett said he's not sure when he'll fight next, and that he's still recovering from a thumb injury he suffered in his most recent fight against Mighty Mo. Barnett said he doesn't have a contract with Dream but does have "a relationship" and that he's open to fighting again in Japan. He said he's not sure whether he'll pursue any type of appeal of the positive steroid test in California that derailed his planned fight with Fedor Emelianenko in August of 2009. And Barnett said he's a big fan of women's MMA who sees coaching women as a significant part of his contribution to the sport.

Couture said she's feeling good after her victory over Rosa Vizcarra at an MMA show in Mexico last month, and she's not sure when she'll fight next. She also said she expects to have a "big announcement" regarding a television show coming soon, but she declined to give any details.