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James Toney Won't Step Into the Octagon Until He's Ready

We still don't know when the former professional boxer James Toney will make his UFC debut, but Toney's trainer, Juanito Ibarra, says he's not going to rush into the Octagon.

"We'll be talking to [UFC President Dana White] soon here and deciding as a team what we want for James Toney, and it's all about planning and executing," Ibarra said. "We're not going to step into the Octagon until we're ready. There ain't no fan, there ain't nobody who's going to convince us otherwise."

Ibarra said Toney is willing to fight anyone, but he seemed dismissive of the possibility that Toney could fight Randy Couture in his first UFC bout. Couture is a UFC legend who would be heavily favored to beat Toney if they fought.

Still, Ibarra said Toney is on his way to becoming a legit mixed martial artist and not just a boxer who decides to try MMA for a quick payday.

"We're working on flexibility, of course conditioning and wrestling and jiu-jitsu and the MMA game," Ibarra said. "He's in MMA now. His boxing style has to change a little bit. You can't just throw the guy in there and expect him to box with his shoulder rolls. Can't do that in MMA. ... You know what's great about him? He's like a sponge. And he wants to keep going and going and going and that's what I love about him. And we're going to get it done."

Hat tip: Bloody Elbow, Fight Hub.