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UFC 112 Live Blog: Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 112 live blog for Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie, a welterweight bout on today's UFC 112 pay-per-view card in Abu Dhabi.

Gracie makes his long-awaited UFC debut and faces another future Hall of Famer in the sport, Hughes.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Touch of gloves. Hughes misses a roundhouse kick. Hughes lands a kick to the body. Gracie with punches, but really just testing the waters. Gracie lands a a short combo. Gracie swings and misses an overhand. Gracie gets through with punches and Hughes goes to his wrestling. Gracie defends and separates at 2:45. Hughes punches and gets double underhooks. They separate with two minutes left. Hughes hits a leg kick. Gracie rushes in with punches and Hughes dodges. Hughes chops to legs. Gracie with a front kick. scores the round a draw.

Round 2: Hughes lands hard leg kicks. Hughes tries for a takedown and Gracie with the whizzer, escapes. Blood is on the forehead of Hughes. Hughes lands a leg kick. Gracie connects to the body. Hughes lands another leg kick. Gracie hasn't tried to defend any leg kicks. Gracie's punch gets through. The crowd boos. Gracie throws a leg kick and lands. Hughes hits Gracie with a left hook. Hughes double jabs and gets through with the second. The crowd continues booing the two future Hall of Famers. Hughes lands with the leg kick. Gracie lands a right punch. Gracie tries to take Hughes down and Hughes attaches a guillotine. Gracie quickly escapes and is pressed against the fence.

Another tough round to score and possibly another draw. Slight edge to Hughes for his leg kicks. 10-9 Hughes.

Round 3: Hughes lands yet another kick to Gracie's lead leg. And another. They briefly collide and Hughes throws a punch to the body. Hughes tags Gracie with a right. Hughes lands another leg kick and Gracie looks frustrated. Hughes hits with a right and works from clinch. Hughes lands with right uppercuts. The best shots of the fight. Hughes lands another right. Gracie looks tired. Hughes lands a leg kick and Gracie buckles. Another leg kick and Gracie is down! Gracie asks for Hughes hands to get up. You gotta love his sportsmanship but this is a little too much. Something similar happened in his fight against Carlos Newton in the IFL. Another leg kick lays out Gracie. Hughes lands a punch and Gracie is on his back. Gracie has a hard time getting up. Back up, Hughes pressures Gracie. Hughes rocks Gracie and the referee saves Gracie.

Hughes wins by TKO - Round 3, 4:40

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