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UFC 112 Live Blog: Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 112 live blog of Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz, a middleweight bout on today's UFC 112 pay-per-view card in Abu Dhabi.

Munoz is on a roll, winning four of his last fight fights in WEC and UFC events. "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" next faces The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner Grove.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Grove immediately utilizing his six-inch reach advantage by jabbing. Munoz shoots at 4:23 and gets it. Munoz throws a right and Grove is able to avoid and stand back up. Grove lands an uppercut that stuns Munoz. Munoz desperately works for a single-leg. Grove smacks a load of right hands on Munoz's head. Munoz now working for a double-leg and Grove is busy defending. The referee Marc Goddard separates them at 1:56 and they restart. Munoz shoots and Grove sprawls and applies a D'arce choke right away. Munoz gets out. Munoz shoots again and Grove applies a guillotine. It looks close, but Munoz escapes with 42 seconds left. Munoz grabs a leg and Grove applies another guillotine. Munoz survives. scores the round 10-8 for Grove.

Round 2: Munoz shoots, but too far away. Munoz engages with punches and gets knocked down with a knee. Grove working high off Munoz's back, with a potential triangle choke. Munoz turns to top and tries to ground and pound. Huge swing and miss by Munoz and he's now in Grove's guard. Munoz with punches to the body from Grove's closed guard. Nice ground and pound. Munoz stands and rains down punches. Really brutal ground and pound attack. Grove gives up his back and the referee stops the fight. Awesome come-from-behind victory after being dominated in the first round.

Munoz wins by TKO - Round 2, 2:50

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