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UFC 112 Live Blog: BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 112 live blog for BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar, a lightweight championship bout on today's UFC 112 pay-per-view card from Abu Dhabi.

Penn has been unbeaten as a lightweight for the past eight years as he heads into his fourth 155-pound title defense.

The live blog is below.

Penn looks like he had a good cry before walking out, and so did his trainer.

Round 1: They feel each other out. Penn is in the center of Octagon. Edgar lands a leg kick. Edgar lands a jab. Penn lands a left and another. Penn gets through with a straight jab. Edgar light on his feet is standing toe-to-toe with Penn. Edgar lands a leg kick and looks like he may have been tagged. Penn lands uppercuts with a clinch. Edgar gets close and Penn tags him. Edgar comes in with punches. Edgar gets close and Penn shrugs him off. Penn has a mark under his left eye. scores the round 10-9 for Penn.

Round 2: Edgar lands quick punches. Penn lands a straight left and Edgar shoots. Penn defends. Penn hits him with a left hook. Edgar hits a leg kick. Penn with a jab. Penn with fast punches. Edgar comes in and Penn evades. Penn lands a jab. Penn blocks a kick to the body. Edgar takes Penn down! -- briefly. Penn pops right back up. Penn with an uppercut and Edgar with a right to close the round. scores the round 10-9 for Penn.

Round 3: Edgar sneaks in a jab. Penn lands on punches. Penn connects with a jab. Edgar with a jab. Edgar shoots for a single and Penn leaves. Edgar shoots and throws a kick that's partially blocked. Edgar reaches for takedown and is shrugged off.

Very close round and Edgar's best. 10-9 barely for Penn.

Round 4: Edgar goes in to the body. Edgar shoots and is stuffed. Edgar lands to the body. Edgar sticks a jab. Penn sneaks in a right and lands a jab. Edgar shoots and Penn gets out. Penn comes over with a counter left. Tries it again but is blocked. Edgar lands a left hook to end round. scores the round 20-9 for Edgar.

Round 5: If Edgar wins this round, he can conceivably win this fight. I gave Penn round three, but it could have also easily have gone to Edgar. Edgar takes down Penn! They are in guard for a few seconds before Penn gets back to his feet. Edgar's high kick is blocked. Penn with a leg kick. Edgar with a leg kick. Edgar comes in and is countered. Edgar pops a quick right. Edgar tries two takedowns but no go. Edgar with a left hook. Edgar stlll active while Penn has slowed down. Penn lands a right in middle of combo. Penn looks intense for a moment. Edgar wraps around back of Penn at sound of bell.

Tough fight overall to call. Final round for Edgar. I have it 48-47 for Penn, but easily could have gone either way.

The new UFC lightweight champion ... Frankie Edgar. Official scores are 50-45, 48-47 and 49-46.

The 50-45 score is ridiculous.

Edgar wins by unanimous decision

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