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UFC KOs Ken Shamrock in Court Again

Ken Shamrock's last three UFC fights were first-round knockout losses. Now he's been knocked out by the UFC in a court of law.

The UFC distributed a press release Thursday trumpeting its latest legal victory over Shamrock, a UFC Hall of Famer who took the UFC to court and may now have to pay a steep price for that decision.

According to the press release, the UFC's parent company Zuffa LLC was awarded a legal victory Thursday when Judge Susan H. Johnson of the Eighth Judicial District Court for Nevada, granted the UFC's motion for attorney's fees and costs, totaling close to $175,000. Shamrock lost a lawsuit to Zuffa regarding his UFC contract and will now have to pick up the tab.

"This latest legal victory on behalf of Zuffa demonstrates, once again, that the UFC is fully committed to vigorously enforcing all of its contractual rights," the UFC's lawyers said in a statement. "Judge Johnson has determined Mr. Shamrock's hard lesson learned in this case will cost him approximately $175,000."

From the UFC's perspective, collecting $175,000 isn't nearly as important as sending a powerful message to other fighters that he who messes with the UFC does so at his peril. Any other fighters who have problems with their contracts are going to think long and hard before trying to go to court about those problems.

But while $175,000 isn't a lot of money to the UFC, it likely is to Shamrock. He's 46 years old, hasn't fought since February of 2009 and failed a steroid test last year, but he may need to return to the cage to make up some of the money he lost to the UFC. Which means the knockout loss Shamrock suffered at the hands of the UFC probably won't be his last one.