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Renzo Gracie: Hughes Thinks He'll Beat Me Like He Beat Royce

At UFC 60, reigning welterweight champion Matt Hughes needed less than five minutes to defeat the first ever UFC champion, Royce Gracie, with a dominant ground and pound display in what was one of the biggest fights in the history of the sport.

Four years later, Hughes is about to fight Royce's cousin Renzo Gracie at UFC 112, and as Renzo tries to get inside Hughes' head, he says he thinks Hughes is planning on getting another win over another Gracie the same way he got his first win over his first Gracie.

"He's such a confident guy that I know that he'll be looking to do to me what he did to Royce," Renzo says. "He's going to come up for a surprise because I've trained very well and I've prepared myself very well to endure any situation that presents itself."

I like Renzo a lot, but my own view is that if Hughes thinks he's going to beat Renzo the way he beat Royce, he's probably right. Hughes isn't the dominant fighter he was when he beat Royce in 2006, but he does have the strength, the wrestling and the striking to take Gracie down and beat him on the ground. That's what I see happening, even if Gracie says he's ready for it.