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UFC 112 Video: B.J. Penn Not Looking Past Frankie Edgar

Almost everyone thinks B.J. Penn will beat Frank Edgar on Saturday at UFC 112. But Penn himself isn't counting on an easy win, saying at the UFC 112 press conference in Abu Dhabi that he believes he's going to have a tough time against Edgar.

"No matter what anybody says, Frankie Edgar is in there on Saturday night because he's got a great chance," Penn said in his introductory comments.

Asked whether he plans to move up to welterweight after the fight with Edgar, Penn insisted that he wasn't looking that far ahead.

"I've got no plans at the moment," Penn said. "Any smart champion right now would be thinking, 'Keep your eye on Frankie Edgar.'"

Although MMA bettors certainly don't agree with Penn that Edgar has a "great chance," with Penn listed as a favorite of anywhere from -675 to -1000, Penn's mindset is obviously the correct one. Thoughts about moving up to 170 can come after the fight. For now Penn is right to consider Edgar a tough test.