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'Kyotaro', Peter Aerts Make Weight for K-1 Heavyweight Match

TOKYO - Keijiro "Kyotaro" Maeda and Peter Aerts met Friday at the ANA InterContinental Hotel and completed the formalities for their K-1 heavyweight championship match to be held tomorrow at Yokohama Arena.

Both fighters weighed in at under the 100kg (220 pounds) weight limit - Peter Aerts weighing in at 97kg (213.4 pounds), the lightest weight of his career. "For me, it was a little bit difficult. I had to lose a lot of weight," commented the three-time World Grand Prix Champion. He also joked that at this rate, a move to the -70kg K-1 MAX event may be on the cards.

In his first defense since winning the title, Maeda came in at 99.5kg (218.5 pounds) and was more focused on his own well-being: "I would like to win so that my life will drastically change for the better." The Osaka native claimed the title in a four-man tournament in 2009 after previous champ, Badr Hari, was stripped of the title.

Although official weights were not made available, four-time World Grand Prix Champion, Semmy Schilt is also signed and set to defend his super heavyweight strap for the fourth time against fellow Dutchman, Errol Zimmerman. Schilt is coming into the bout off a record-setting World GP Finals win, while Zimmerman is trying to cover after going 1-3 in the K-1 ring in 2009.

Former heavyweight champion Badr Hari was not in attendance due to a flight delay caused by strong winds. There was speculation earlier in the week that Hari may not be able to participate in the event due to an altercation outside an Amsterdam nightclub in which a doorman was left with facial injuries. Charges were not pressed however, and Hari is free to participate.

Hari is attempting to avenge a 2003 loss to Alexey Ignashov, who is returning to the K-1 ring after a five-year absence and struggles with alcohol.

In a time where Japanese martial arts seem to be struggling, K-1 Producer, Sadaharu Tanikawa, is optimistic and still has his sights firmly set on the UFC.

"Looking back in 2009, our Grand Prix Tournament celebrated 7 KO's. In total, all the bout time combined, was only about 25 minutes so this is quite an exciting, really power-oriented tournament that we witnessed. I have been quite blessed with a lot of comments from fight fans all through out the world. Compared to the UFC or other MMA events, (K-1) by far was the most exciting of all. Compared to boxing events also, so this is quite exciting for us."

The event is set to be broadcast on Fuji TV locally and live on HDNet in the U.S. Also, in a first for fight sports, the event is set to be filmed in 3D, although it will not be broadcast live.

Fight Order:
7. Badr Hari vs. Alexey Ignashov
K-1 Super Heavyweight Title Match (+100kgs / 220lbs)
6. Semmy Schilt vs. Errol Zimmerman
K-1 Heavyweight Title Match (100kg / 220lbs)
5. Keijiro "Kyotaro" Maeda (99.5kg / 219.3lbs) vs. Peter Aerts (97kg / 213.8lbs)
Preliminary fights: