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Does Ricardo Mayorga Know What's He's In For?

Shine Fights recently released a video promo spot with ex-boxer Ricardo Mayorga, who is making his mixed martial arts debut on May 15 in Fayetteville, N.C., against former UFC fighter Din Thomas. During his ring career, Mayorga was always known as a world-class trash-talker, and he shows that he still has that flair, but there is one thing sorely missing in this quick look at him, and that's any semblance of MMA training.

In fact, the only action shot of Mayorga doing something other than punching shows him throwing some awkward knees against a heavy bag. Admittedly, it's a very short look, but since training snippets were involved, the lack of MMA training is noticeable by its absence.

You have to wonder if the 36-year-old Mayorga knows exactly what he's in for. In the video, he speaks about his background as a street fighter as though that experience has some relevance in today's MMA world, and against a fighter of Thomas' caliber.

"I'm a street fighter," he said. "Since I grew up in Nicaragua, I grew up in poverty. I've gained a lot of experience, but most of my exerience comes from fighting in the streets."

Boxing and street-fighting may not be quite enough against Thomas, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who has earned 14 of his 25 career wins by way of submission. If Thomas decides to go for an immediate takedown, Mayorga might have a quick night. Still, the former WBA and WBC welterweight champion is not impressed.

"I've been a three-time world champion," he said. "The only person who knows Thomas is his mother. Nobody else knows him."