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Thiago Alves Brings a Video Camera to His Brain Surgery

Thiago Alves had surgery to separate an artery from a vein in his brain on Wednesday, and he brought along a friend with a video camera to document his hospital stay.

Understandably, Alves looks a little nervous as he's walking into the hospital in the morning.

"Pray for me -- hopefully I'll be awake in a few hours," Alves says at the start.

He looks a little groggy while lying in his hospital bed afterward, but overall he seems to be in good spirits, and he insists that we'll see him fighting again sooner rather than later. If the doctors agree with his optimism, that's awfully good news.

"I want to thank the UFC for taking care of me," Alves said. "I want to send a special thanks to Mr. Dana White, Frank and Lorenzo (Fertitta) for all this. I really appreciate it -- I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't know about this without those guys, and it wouldn't have been treated the way it should have without you guys. I promise you, this will just make me stronger and I'll be back."