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UFC Fight Night 21 Live Blog: Nate Quarry vs. Jorge Rivera Updates

This is the UFC Fight Night 21 blog for Nate Quarry vs. Jorge Rivera, a middleweight bout on tonight's Spike TV card in Charlotte, N.C.

Two 38-year-old strikers square off in what should be a back-and-forth scrap.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Touch of gloves. Quarry throws a combo that ends with a body kick. Quarry chops twice at Rivera's left leg. Rivera responds. Quarry back to the leg kicks. Rivera goes twice at Quarry's leg. Rivera lands two rights. Quarry continues to chop at Rivera's left leg. Rivera lands a straight right, and again. Rivera drops Quarry with a right at 2:22. Rivera goes for the finish. Quarry quickly recovers and throws standing elbows to stop the flurry. Rivera stuns with a right and left. Rivera, trapping Quarry against the fence, throws a combo that makes Quarry's legs give out. Rivera lands another right. Rivera lets his hands fly. Another right drops Quarry. Rivera gets on top with 30 seconds left. Quarry survives the round but his face is a mess. scores the round 10-8 for Rivera.

Round 2: Quarry comes out firing. Rivera lands a right. He follows with a right and left hook that puts Quarry down. Rivera pounds away. Quarry does nothing but cover his face and the referee stops the fight.

Rivera wins by TKO - Round 2, 0:29

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