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Rick Desper's Future Uncertain After Win at 'Shogun Fights II'

BALTIMORE - Rick Desper had planned to call it quits Saturday night, but his plans dramatically changed.

Desper submitted Steven Baker with an armbar in the first round at Shogun Fights II at First Mariner Arena, causing him to possibly change his future plans in mixed martial arts.

"The weeks leading up to this, this was going to be my last fight. I was going to retire in the ring after the fight. But winning, you know, that's always nice," said Desper, a construction company owner and part-time security worker.

"It's hard to say if I'll continue. Ask me next week. I love competing, but I also love teaching jiu jitsu," said Desper. "I'm going to take a couple of weeks off and sit back. If I don't fight again, it will have ended on a good note, and I'll be happy about it."

In the co-main event, the 6-foot-4, 310-pound Ryan McGowan stopped Deon West with a technical knockout 30 seconds into the first round behind a 15-punch barrage.

"I just came out and threw a bunch of punches and I was able to land fairly accurately. Other than that, it's all pretty much a blur," said McGowan.

In other matches, Jim Hettes made short work of Ground Control veteran Binky Jones, submitting the veteran in 22 seconds. Hettes has nine consecutive first-round submissions, recording four as an amateur and five as a professional.

"Binky has been around for a long time, and he's one of my idols in the sport, so it was tough to have to go in and face him like that," said Hettes. "But I love fighting here in Maryland. The fans are knowledgeable and loud. John Rallo really treats the fighters well."

Shogun II Fight Results
Ryan McGowan def. Deon West via TKO (strikes) (Highlights)
Jim Hettes def. Binky Jones via submission (rear-naked choke) (Highlights)
Rick Desper def. Steven Baker via submission (armbar)
Brian Van Hoven def. Cole Pressley via unanimous decision (Highlights)
Quinton McCottrell def. Mike Paschall via submission (rear-naked choke) (Highlights)
Germiyale Adkins def. Dave Daniecki via split decision (Highlights)
Jason Hillicker def. Bobby Huron via TKO (Highlights)
Justin Hickey def. Brett Thomas via TKO (Highlights)
Jacob Kirwan def. Steve Deangelis via unanimous decision (Kirwan entrance)
Chris Connor def. Elijah Harshbarger via unanimous decision (Highlights)
Johnny Curtis def. Joe Stripling via unanimous decision (Curtis entrance)

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