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Crisis Averted, UFC 115 Will Take Place in Vancouver After All

Dana WhiteAfter last-minute negotiations with the city of Vancouver, UFC 115 will go on in the city's GM Place as scheduled.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the news to The Canadian Press.

The UFC originally announced the June 12 date last December, after the Vancouver City Council passed by a 6-3 vote a resolution to regulate mixed martial arts for a two-year period, paving the way for major shows.

In recent days, the future of the show was put in doubt when insurance concerns arose which would have added significant costs to the event's production. The UFC reportedly looked into booking an arena in Cincinnati if the issues could not be resolved, but after giving city officials 24 hours in which to find a viable solution, it appears those concerns have been sorted out and everything will proceed as scheduled.

The card has also found itself in states of disarray. The original main event was expected to be the third meeting between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, but published reports claim that Ortiz is out of the matchup. Liddell has said he is signed to fight Ortiz and still expects to face him, though he may be limited in what he can say due to non-disclosure agreements that all participants on The Ultimate Fighter sign.

A heavyweight tilt between kickboxing specialists Pat Barry and Mirko Cro Cop is currently slated as the night's co-main event.

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