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Ryan Couture's Final Amateur Fight Ends in Controversey

Ryan Couture, son of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, stepped inside the ring for the final time as an amateur last Friday and fought to a draw against Sean Bollinger -- despite going unconscious during one point of the fight.

In the final seconds of the second round of the three, three-minute round fight (video above), the 27-year-old Couture went limp from a triangle choke, but was allowed to return for the third when the referee deemed that he passed out after the bell.

Bollinger and his corner, who thought he won, celebrated until the referee alerted them that Bollinger had to come out for the final round.

With the fight ending in a draw, no one was crowned the champion in the vacant TUFF-N-UFF lightweight title fight.

Couture will go pro leaving behind an amateur record of 5-1-1.

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