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UFC 111: Shane Carwin KOs Frank Mir

Shane Carwin vs. Frank MirShane Carwin knocked out Frank Mir Saturday night at UFC 111, staying undefeated, winning the interim heavyweight title and earning a shot at heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

It was a stuninng performance by Carwin and by far the most impressive victory of his professional MMA career.

In the early going Mir and Carwin clinched against the fence, with Carwin controlling things and smashing his own left knee into Mir's left knee, which was covered by a small brace. After that they were separated by the referee, exchanged punches and then went right back against the fence. Eventually Carwin landed the right combination, knocking Mir to the ground, and then he pounced, raining more punches on the ground until Mir was unconscious.

Refreee Dan Miragliotta was slow stopping the fight, and the last few punches Carwin landed appeared to have come after Mir was already out cold. That made it an ugly ending to a violent fight, although Mir appeared to be OK immediately afterward.

Carwin improved his record to 12-0, and he's beaten all 12 opponents in the first round. Mir falls to 13-5.

Lesnar confronted Mir in the Octagon after the fight and referred to the interim title Carwin had just won as a "make-believe belt."

Replied Carwin, "I couldn't agree more, baby. That's why I'm coming after it."

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