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UFC 111 Live Blog: Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek Updates

Jim Miller vs. Mark BocekThis is the UFC 111 live blog for Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek, a lightweight bout on tonight's UFC 111 pay-per-view card in Newark, N.J.

AMA Fight Club's Miller and American Top Team's Bocek are each putting on the line a three-fight win streak.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Bocek moves in for an early single leg takedown. Miller defends with a guillotine. Bocek puts him down and breaks his head free. They return to their feet. Bocek ate a knee on the way to a takedown, but completed it midway through the round. Bocek worked to half-guard, but Miller threatened with a kimura. Miller cranked it backwards and used it to reverse, ending up in top position. Miller was able to land a couple strikes before the round closed out. MMA Fighting scores the round for Miller, 10-9.

Round 2: Bocek with a takedown in the opening 20 seconds. He passed to side control briefly, but Miller was able to get half-guard back with no damage. Bocek looked to be setting up an arm triangle, but Miller sensed it and worked out of trouble. Miller tried a kneebar, but Bocek rolled free. Bocek got to full mount with 2:20 left. Miller gave up his back and Bocek sunk in his hooks with plenty of time to work. The body triangle came seconds later, and then Bocek trapped Miller's right arm with his leg, a la B.J. Penn. Somehow, Miller defended the black belt with one free arm. Bocek desperately tried to sink in the choke while Miller held on. Miller picked him up and slammed him down, despite his arm being trapped. The round expired and Miller bounded to his feet as the crowd applauded the amazing effort. Still, MMA Fighting scores the round for Bocek, 10-9.

Round 3: Miller stuffs Bocek's first takedown try a minute in after landing a couple decent strikes. A lot more time spent on their feet in this round, and it's favoring Miller. Bocek goes for the double-leg two minutes in, then switches to the single. Neither works. Bocek tenaciously continues his effort, eventually forcing Miller into a mistake with 1:20 left. They don't stay down for long though. Bocek gets another takedown with :45 remaining. That might seal it, though it was far from a strong round for Bocek. Still, he controlled the action, and for that, he'll probably get the nod. MMA Fighting scores the round for Bocek, 10-9.

Winner: Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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