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UFC 111 Live Blog: GSP vs. Dan Hardy Round-by-Round Updates

NEWARK, N.J. -- This is the UFC 111 blog for Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy, the main event of tonight's UFC 111 pay-per-view in Newark, N.J.

Hardy is looking to overcome the heavy odds as he challenges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight belt.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: GSP scores on his first takedown try with ease, ducked under a left hook to do it. St. Pierre to half-guard and working to improve. He does so, getting side control. Then he takes Hardy's back with 3:15 left. St. Pierre looked like he'd transition to an arm bar. Hardy escaped, but St. Pierre took him down again. Immediately. St. Pierre gets full mount with 1:30 left. Hardy gives his back and St. Pierre goes for the rear naked choke. He transitions to an arm bar. Hardy somehow escapes. It looked deep and tight. Amazing escape by Hardy and the round runs out. MMA Fighting scores the round for St. Pierre 10-9.

Round 2: Hardy slow to fire as they start the round in standup. He throws a wild left hook that misses badly a minute in. Seconds later, St. Pierre takes him down again. Three-for-three in that stat. He moves to side mount and cracks Hardy with a knee to the ribs. GSP takes his back again. Hardy comes out the backside and ends up on top of St. Pierre. GSP quickly returns to his feet. Nice body kick from Hardy. St. Pierre tags him with a right seconds later. St. Pierre completes his fourth takedown with :30 to go, snatching a single leg. He works for strikes inside Hardy's guard. MMA Fighting scores the round for St. Pierre, 10-9.

Round 3: Another takedown for GSP. It's as easy as breathing for him so far. St. Pierre stands up in Hardy's guard to strike. Hardy is actually doing a good job minimizing the damage so far. It's one-sided, but could be a lot worse. Just as I write that, St. Pierre finds his chin repeatedly until Hardy tightens his guard. Hardy briefly threatens with a triangle, but GSP senses the trap and pulls out of trouble. St. Pierre tried a kimura on one side, then the other. Hardy is game, and escapes. Another takedown, 6-for-6 now. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for St. Pierre.

Round 4: Guess what? Takedown, lucky seven. This has to be sobering for Hardy at this point. Hardy had a chance to find an advantageous position off a scramble, but St. Pierre outworked him for another ground position. St. Pierre to side control again. St. Pierre worked a kimura. It looked horribly deep, but Hardy wouldn't tap. Hardy is right in front of me and his face was wrenched in pain. He has amazing heart, there's no question of that. St. Pierre cranked that thing about as hard as he could muster. MMA Fighting scores the round for St. Pierre, 10-8.

Round 5: And Hardy goes down again. St. Pierre's takedowns are unmatched in MMA. St. Piere batters him with a few knees to the body. Another kimura try from GSP. If he didn't tap before, he ain't tapping now. GSP gives it up. GSP works him over from the top. Hardy is taking everything he can dish out; he's got that going for him. But GSP is simply too good, just outclassing from bell to bell. Another round for GSP, 10-9.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-45)

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