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UFC 111 Live Blog: Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin Round-by-Round Updates

Shane Carwin vs. Frank MirNEWARK, N.J. -- This is the UFC 111 live blog for Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin, a heavyweight bout on tonight's UFC 111 pay-per-view card in Newark, N.J.

In the first of two title fights of the evening, Mir defends his interim belt against Carwin to determine Brock Lesnar's next opponent.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Not a single punch thrown in the first 30 seconds. When Mir moves in for a left, Carwin ducks under for the takedown try, but Mir stuffs him. Carwin knees Mir's legs against the cage. Good strategy that could pay dividends if the fight goes long. Mir looks relaxed, though, and ref Dan Miragliotti restarts them. We're midway through and Carwin is now in uncharted waters as all his fights have been ridiculously short. Carwin puts Mir against the cage and hammers him with a right. Mir goes down. Carwin clubs him from the top. Mir tries to roll out of trouble, but Carwin is relentless with his ground strikes. He pounds Mir until the former champ goes limp and the ref has to jump in and stop it.

Winner: Carwin via KO at 3:48

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