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Jim Miller: I Don't Get Excited When I Win by Decision

Jim Miller, who fights Mark Bocek on the first fight of the UFC 111 pay-per-view card, has a simple philosophy on how to win a fight: Take it out of the judges' hands.

"I don't want the fight to go the distance," Miller says. "Not even close. I never want that to happen. I don't get excited when I win by decision. So I'm always looking for the sub. And keeping it standing -- if I'm landing good strikes and I just don't think the takedown's there I'll keep it up. I think I'll have the advantage. Will it be enough to win the fights with strikes? I don't know yet. We'll see when I pop him in the face a couple times."

I don't necessarily have a problem with fighters who win a lot of decisions, but I like the philosophy espoused by Miller, who is 16-2 in his career and has won 12 of his fights by stoppage. MMA is more exciting when fighters are trying to finish fights, and if Miller isn't excited by decisions, that makes his fights more exciting to fans.

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