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Georges St. Pierre Hypes UFC 111 on ESPN

Georges St. PierreUFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre went on SportsCenter Thursday to promote his UFC 111 fight with Dan Hardy and did his best to hype it as a fight that even people who aren't big MMA fans will want to buy on pay-per-view.

"I want this fight to be remembered forever," St. Pierre said. "I want to win and I want to win clean, by a knockout or a submission. I see him as the most dangerous guy I've fought so far because he has nothing to lose, he's coming into the fight with a lot of anger, he's very well-prepared and he doesn't have a lot of respect. It's going to be a very tough fight."

St. Pierre was asked about his thoughts on future fights, including possibly a third fight with lightweight champ B.J. Penn or a bout with middleweight champ Anderson Silva, but he declined to talk about anything other than Hardy.

As you'd expect from a SportsCenter interview, it wasn't the kind of thing that told hard-core MMA fans anything they don't already know, but it was solid exposure for St. Pierre in front of an audience that surely consisted mostly of people who have never seen him fight.

Note: Frank Mir, who was also scheduled to be interviewed, did not appear. ESPN has rescheduled his interview for Thursday afternoon.

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