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UFC 111: GSP vs. Hardy Results, News, Videos, Photos and More

UFC 111's main event is George St.-Pierre (GSP) vs. Dan Hardy. Get UFC 111 results, news, videos and photos and more for the biggest UFC event so far in 2010.

UFC 111 Results:
George St. Pierre def. Dan Hardy by unanimous decision (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 4: Guess what? Takedown, lucky seven. This has to be sobering for Hardy at this point. Hardy had a chance to find an advantageous position off a scramble, but St. Pierre outworked him for another ground position. St. Pierre to side control again. St. Pierre worked a kimura. It looked horribly deep, but Hardy wouldn't tap. Hardy is right in front of me and his face was wrenched in pain. He has amazing heart, there's no question of that. St. Pierre cranked that thing about as hard as he could muster. MMA Fighting scores the round for St. Pierre, 10-8.

Shane Carwin def. Frank Mir by TKO (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 1: Not a single punch thrown in the first 30 seconds. When Mir moves in for a left, Carwin ducks under for the takedown try, but Mir stuffs him. Carwin knees Mir's legs against the cage. Good strategy that could pay dividends if the fight goes long. Mir looks relaxed, though, and ref Dan Miragliotti restarts them. We're midway through and Carwin is now in uncharted waters as all his fights have been ridiculously short. Carwin puts Mir against the cage and hammers him with a right. Mir goes down. Carwin clubs him from the top. Mir tries to roll out of trouble, but Carwin is relentless with his ground strikes. He pounds Mir until the former champ goes limp and the ref has to jump in and stop it.

Kurt Pellegrino def. Fabricio Camoes by submission (rear-naked choke) (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 2: Pellegrino dumps Camoes to the ground twice in the opening minute. This time he maintains position and lands ground strikes until advancing to full mount. Camoes manages to escape with minimal damage, though Pellegrino still remains in top position. Pellegrino eventually took his back and tapped out Camoes with a rear naked choke. It's Pellegrino's fourth straight victory.

Jon Fitch def. Ben Saunders by unanimous decision (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 1: Fitch lands a nice right early. They clinch against the fence. Saunders stops one takedown try but Fitch completes the next one. Fitch controlling him well against the cage, and scoring with short strikes from the top. Fitch continues to outwork him, as Saunders doesn't make much of an effort to get back to his feet while trying to avoid the offense coming his way. Saunders does connect on an upkick with 30 seconds left, and it gets the best crowd reaction of the fight so far. Still, MMA Fighting scores the round for Fitch, 10-9.

Jim Miller def. Mark Bocek via unanimous decision (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 3: Miller stuffs Bocek's first takedown try a minute in after landing a couple decent strikes. A lot more time spent on their feet in this round, and it's favoring Miller. Bocek goes for the double-leg two minutes in, then switches to the single. Neither works. Bocek tenaciously continues his effort, eventually forcing Miller into a mistake with 1:20 left. They don't stay down for long though. Bocek gets another takedown with :45 remaining. That might seal it, though it was far from a strong round for Bocek. Still, he controlled the action, and for that, he'll probably get the nod.

Nate Diaz def. Rory Markham by TKO (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 1: Nate tries an early clinch, but Markham shrugs him off. Diaz peppering him with punches. Diaz cracks him with a knee from the clinch and Markham goes down. Diaz takes his back and works for the hooks. Diaz pounds him with strikes from the back mount until the ref stops it. A dominant performance by Diaz in his first time at the higher weight class.

Ricardo Almeida def.. Matt Brown via submission (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 2: Almeida with a takedown in the opening 10 seconds, but Brown immediately gets back to his feet. Almeida can't hold him down, and Brown can't get free. Miragliotta breaks them up again for a restart. Almeida scores with a straight right, and puts Brown down, quickly taking his back after a short elbow. Brown defends it, though he's now bleeding over his left eye. Almeida gets his back again, and adds a body triangle for control. Almeida sinks in a rear naked choke, and Brown soon taps.

Rousimar Palhares def. Tomasz Drwal via submission (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 1: Well, it was all over in a flash. Drawl slipped down throwing a front kick, Palhares immediately transitioned into a heel hook and Drwal tapped.

Rodney Wallace def. Jared Hamman by unanimous decision (live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 3: Hamman gets a takedown early. With a little over three minutes left, both men exchange punches in the center of the Octagon. Wallace then surprises Hamman with a quick takedown, but lands on his back. Ref stands them up. Wallace pulls guard. Wallace is active off his back, but that allows Hamman to secure side control. The round ends with Wallace caught in crucifix position, eating blows by Hamman.

Matt Riddle def. Greg Soto via disqualification
(live blog)
Decisive Round: Round 3: Soto nailed Riddle in the head with an upkick off his back while Riddle's knees were still on the ground. Riddle was out for a second, then looked around and said, 'What happened?' The referees and doctors talk it over, and the fight is called. Unfortunate ending.

UFC 111 News:
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UFC 111 Videos:
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Fitch Wants Another Chance at GSP
Miller Not Pleased With Victory
Almeidda Admits Weight Cut Was Tough
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GSP Seriously Considering Olympic Run
Hardy: 'I'm GSP's Kryptonite'
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UFC 111 Photos
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