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KJ Noons Won Dream.13 Fight Despite Injured Foot

Sure, everybody knows how much KJ Noons loves boxing, but there was another reason why he decided to box the entire fight Monday against Andre Dida at Dream.13 event in Yokohama, Japan.

Noons, who mentioned in the post-fight press conference that he "had a few injuries, but didn't show it," revealed Tuesday at another conference that he entered the fight with what he believes is a fractured right foot.

"I got to go to the doctor when I get back to the States but I'm pretty sure my foot has been broke for about three weeks," Noons said. "But i couldn't turn down the opportunity to fight. I'm a warrior, so I had to get a paycheck, and to beat somebody up to get back into MMA."

Neither fighter was interested in going to the ground in the entire 15-minute fight. While Noons stuck to his hands, the former Chute Boxe fighter Dida added knees and leg kicks. After the two rounds, the judges favored Noons for controlling most of the action.

Noons' debut in Japan was his first MMA fight since June 2008, when he successfully defended the EliteXC lightweight belt against Yves Edwards. Noons spent the time away to further his professional boxing career.

Because of his time away studying the sweet science, he's viewed generally as a boxer, but Noons noted to the press that he can kickbox as well. He just wasn't able to, due to injury.

"I just used my hands," Noons said. "I have a lot of other tools. With the boxing, I think a lot of people forget I have 14 pro kickboxing and Muay Thai fights.

"That's one of the main reasons why I didn't use any of my kicks or my knees because I'm pretty sure my foot is pretty bad, so we'll see when I get back to the States."

Noons, who holds a professional boxing record of 11-2, improved his MMA record to 8-2 with the Dream.13 win.

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