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Guida-Gugerty, Schaub-Gormley on Spike Wednesday Night

Clay Guida earned the Submission of the Night award at UFC on Versus 1 Sunday night, and Brendan Schaub won a first-round TKO that was by all accounts very impressive, and I had been meaning to write something about how disappointing it was that neither of those fights was televised. Now I don't have to.

Spike announced on Tuesday that it will televise Guida's win over Shannon Gugerty and Schaub's win over Chase Gormley at 9PM on Wednesday as part of a new installment of UFC Unleashed.

As someone who has long believed that the UFC could do more with its unaired preliminary fights, I think this is great news. Putting two prelims live on Spike before pay-per-view shows is a great step forward, and so is this decision to wait just days (rather than the usual months) to add fights to the UFC Unleashed mix.

The upcoming UFC Unleashed show will be made up entirely of fights that have never been seen on television before, also including Jeremy Stephens vs. Justin Buchholz from the September 29 Ultimate Fight Night 19, plus Dennis Siver vs. Paul Kelly from the November 14 UFC 105.

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