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Georges St. Pierre Endorses a Skin Care Line

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has already inked endorsement deals with big-time companies like Gatorade and Under Armour. Now he's got another endorsement deal with a company that's slightly less significant in the sports business landscape, but is interesting nonetheless: Mission Skincare.

Yes, St. Pierre's latest sponsor is a company that describes itself as selling products "designed and tested by elite athletes to help people of all ages live an active lifestyle with healthier, stronger skin."

This leads to a few questions.

1. Do men actually use skin-care products? This is a serious question. I always think of moisturizer as an exclusively female product. Any men who use moisturizer, feel free to tell me I'm wrong in the comments.

2. If the answer to the above question is no, does this endorsement deal show that GSP has an appeal to females? Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion writes that GSP is "super-popular with both men and women," while Kelsey Philpott of MMA Payout notes "his ability to draw people to his fights, especially on the female side." I think that's an important, and underrated, aspect of GSP's importance to the UFC: The ladies love him.

3. Will GSP's skin-care ads bring up the aftermath of UFC 94, when B.J. Penn accused St. Pierre of greasing? I think it would be great to see an ad showing St. Pierre saying something like, "I always take care of my skin -- even between rounds during a fight." Somehow I don't think he'd go for it, though.

Anyway, this seems like a good endorsement deal for St. Pierre. And a great deal for Mission Skincare, which is now affiliated with the most likable guy in MMA.

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