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Could UFC 112 Be B.J. Penn's Last Lightweight Fight?

B.J. Penn is the best lightweight in the history of mixed martial arts. But his reign as the sport's lightweight champion could end at UFC 112, win or lose.

Penn said on a conference call Tuesday that he could see himself beating Frank Edgar at UFC 112 and then walking away from the lightweight division for a permanent move to welterweight and another run at the title.

"If everything goes well on April 10, I definitely would consider moving up to 170," Penn said. "Not that it's 100% guaranteed -- there are still a lot of good contenders at the 155-pound division -- but I'm thinking about it."

Penn was given an immediate title shot when he moved up to welterweight for one superfight against the champion, Georges St. Pierre, in 2009. But he said on Tuesday that if he moves up in weight class again, he'll do it methodically as he attempts to put on weight the right way.

"I'd take it slow," Penn said. "I'm not going to rush anything."

Penn said he'd want to consult with UFC President Dana White before making any move, and he said he could also see himself doing what UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has done, moving up to light heavyweight for fights against James Irvin and Forrest Griffin but still retaining, and defending, the middleweight title.

"I would think about it more as testing the waters," Penn said. "I'd talk to Dana and see if he would want me to vacate the belt, but maybe I'd do something like Anderson is doing."

Ultimately, Penn sounds excited about the possibility of testing himself against bigger opponents. But he also says that for right now, all of his focus is on the opponent in front of him.

"Frankie Edgar is not the guy to look past," Penn said. "Anyone who looks past Frankie Edgar is going to end up with a loss."

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