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Frank Mir Thinks Shane Carwin Is a Perfect Match

We're less than a week away from the UFC interim heavyweight title fight at UFC 111, and Frank Mir touches on why his fight with Shane Carwin is so hard to pick: Both guys have plenty of ways they can beat each other.

"There's nowhere where I can sit there and say Carwin has a straight-cut advantage here, or I have a straight-cut advantage there. Could I get knocked out if I get caught by him? Absolutely. Could I knock him out? Absolutely. If he takes me down could he pound me against the cage? It could happen. If he shoots in on me could I choke him unconscious and leave him on his stomach? Absolutely. So now we see who implements their game plan the best."

I'm leaning toward picking Mir in this one because I think Mir is more experienced at fighting higher-quality opponents, but I think Mir basically has it right here: This is a great, even match-up that could go either way.

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