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Dream.13 Live Blog: Josh Barnett vs. Mighty Mo Round-by-Round Updates

This is the Dream.13 live blog for Josh Barnett vs. Mighty Mo, a heavyweight bout on this morning's Dream.13 card.

Barnett is back in Japan, taking on kickboxer Mighty Mo. Barnett has been active this year, but not in MMA. Barnett has participated in double digit grappling matches, dominating his lesser known opponents in local tournaments in California.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: They size each other up. Barnett with a kick to the leg and then body. Mo drops Barnett with a left hook. Barnett quickly gets back up. Barnett doesn't look bothered, so maybe he slipped. Barnett clinches. They separate. Mo throws an uppercut. Barnett with front kicks. Barentt eyeing a takedown but Mo avoids. Barnett lands a leg kick cleanly. Barnett, who is wearing wrestling shoes, hits a front kick, low. Barnett grimaces at his opponent's reaction. Barnett shakes his head, while Mo is facedown in a lot of pain.

The doctors are checking on him. The white towels come in reminiscent of Alistair Overeem's thrashing of Mirko Cro Cop's lower region.

MIghty Mo looks done. He says: "I can't continue. I can't fight anymore like this."

I'm counting 12 heads in the ring right now deciding on what to do next. Really, 12. Wait, make that 13. Matt Hume just walked in. More discussions in Mo's corner. Hume walks over to Barnett's corner to talk to the former UFC champ.

Barnett now joins the battle royale of referees in Mo's corner. The speakers just announced they'll give Mo three more minutes to rest.

This is one of the longest low blow breaks in recent history. Barnett just can't avoid controversy. Mo is ready to go.

The referee issues Barnett a yellow card.

Fight is back on with 7:10 remaining in the round. Barnett shoots and Mo avoids. Barnett with a low kick and misses with a high. Barnett with a combo of punches to the body. Mo leaps forward with a left. They tie up and Barnett hits a knee to the body. Barnett goes for the takedown and finishes in side control. Barnett grabs a straight armlock and Mo taps within seconds.

Barnett wins by submission

Barnett gives Mo a free groin shot after the fight.

Barnett apologizes to the fans and commends Mo for taking the fight on short notice.

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