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Dream.13 Live Blog: Bibiano Fernandes vs. Joachim Hansen Updates

This is the Dream.13 live blog for Bibiano Fernandes vs. Joachim Hansen, the main event of this morning's Dream.13 event from Yokohama, Japan.

Fernandes defends his featherweight belt against former lightweight champ Hansen.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Fernandes throws inside leg kicks. Hansen answers with a leg kick. Fernandes goes low and then high with kicks. Fernandes with a quick takedown. After absorbing a couple of leg kicks. Hansen stands back up. Fernandes back with another inside leg kick. Fernandes avoids Hansen punches and clinches, putting Hansen against the ropes. The referee separates them shortly after. Hansen attacks to the leg. He jabs and it's blocked. Fernandes swings and comes up empty. Hansen to the body. Fernandes counters with a right. Fernandes with leg kicks. Hansen responds with a kick and avoids a punch. Fernandes has double underhooks and puts Hansen down inside of Hansen's halfguard. Hansen escapes to his feet with 5:16 left. Hansen with a two-punch combo and Fernandes ducks to clinch. Hansen connects on a hard kick. Fernandes with a Muay Thai knee and Hansen returns the favor. Fernandes content to counterpunch and pepper in the ocassional leg kick. Fernandes shoots and puts Hansen down. Fernandes allows Hansen to stand after delivering leg kicks. Fernandez misses on a huge overhand right. Fernandes flies out with a knee. Hansen with leg kicks. Fernandez lands a left. Fernandez throws a knee and clinches with 45 seconds left.

Fernandez wins the first round.

Round 2: Hansen lands a leg kick. Fernandes takes down Hansen. The two tangle and then scramble up. Hansen connects with an inside leg kick. Hansen on his back, throwing up kicks. Hansen back up. Hansen throws a knee and lets his hands fly. Fernandes goes for the takedown and Hansen defends. Hansen hits a knee to the body and the referee restarts them. Hansen throws a knee and they clinch. The referee separates them with 90 seconds left. Fernandes clinches to avoid Hansen's strikes. Restart. Fernandes takes a knee and puts Hansen down. Hansen escapes into standing clinch. Hansen with knees to the body. Fernandes throws a front kick to avoid a knee.

Hansen looked a lot better in the second round, but Fernandez should win this one.

First judge gives it to Fernandes. The second to Hansen. And finally, the third to Fernandes.

Fernandes wins by split decision

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