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UFC on Versus 1 Live Blog: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Junior Dos Santos Updates

This is the UFC on Versus 1 live blog for Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Junior Dos Santos, a heavyweight bout on tonight's Versus card.

Dos Santos is aiming for his fifth straight UFC win.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: The big punchers measure each other early, with Gonzaga trying a single leg kick in the opening 45 seconds, and Dos Santos trying a body punch. Gonzaga goes for a takedown and briefly drags him to the ground, but Dos Santos gets back to his feet immediately. Dos Santos starts to get more comfortable, moving in for jabs and lead rights to the body. Gonzaga fires off a head kick, but Dos Santos ducks underneath it. After a quick exchange, Dos Santos floored Gonzaga with a left hook, then followed up with vicious ground and pound from the top, and knocked Gonzaga unconcious with strikes.

Winner: Dos Santos via TKO, Rd 1.

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