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Arlovski: Bigfoot Is the First Step Toward Fedor, Rogers

Andrei Arlovski will return to the cage for the first time in almost a year on May 15 when he takes on Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, and he says he hopes that fight is the first step toward getting a couple of rematches with the two guys who knocked him out in 2009, Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers.

"Of course I would like to have a rematch against Emelianenko, but like I said, one step at a time," Arlovski says. "Strikeforce has two heavyweights with whom I have unfinished business -- Rogers and Emelianenko -- but like I said, I start with Bigfoot, one step at a time. He's tough. I don't have time to think about rematches with Rogers and Emelianenko. Somewhere in my mind, of course, I'd like to get rematch with Rogers and Emelianenko, but for now, Bigfoot."

Arlovski had a great 2008, going 3-0, knocking out all three of his opponents, and making a whole lot of money in the process. But he had a disastrous 2009, going 0-2 and getting knocked out by both Fedor and Rogers. (And, again, making a whole lot of money in the process.)

Arlovski isn't going to make nearly as much money in 2010 as he did in 2008 and 2009, but I think he's capable of having one of his best years yet in the cage. And if he earns those rematches with Fedor and Rogers, he'll have a chance at being one of MMA's best comeback stories.

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