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Josh Barnett Worked on Grappling, Savate During MMA Absence

Josh Barnett will finally return to mixed martial arts for the first time in 14 months on Monday in Japan, when he takes on the kickboxer Mighty Mo at Dream.13. He met with the press in Japan Friday to promote the fight and said he's been working on his grappling as well as the striking martial art of savate while he's been away.

"I've been doing some grappling tournaments," Barnett said. "I have been doing some savate training. ... Any way I can beat somebody up, I want to learn it. A guy with my size and speed, the technical savate kicks can be very dangerous for a heavyweight. ... I might knock him out with a kick."

So there you have it. We're not going to learn much about Barnett on Monday, as Mighty Mo isn't a serious opponent. But Barnett says he's continuing to improve as a fighter.

Note: I find it odd that Barnett wasn't asked about his positive steroid test, which is the reason for his long layoff.

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