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Fedor Not Likely to Fight on Strikeforce May 15 Card

Alistair OvereemShowtime Sports tweeted on Friday that a planned fight between Brett Rogers and Alistair Overeem will be the main event of Strikeforce's May 15 show.

What Showtime didn't say -- but what is implied, and what has been reported elsewhere -- is that Fedor Emelianenko is not expected to be on the card. If Fedor were fighting Fabricio Werdum, as had been previously discussed, that fight would be given main event status. Announcing Rogers vs. Overeem as the main event pretty much confirms that Showtime isn't expecting to have Fedor on the card.

Showtime also tweeted that Andrei Arlovski will be fighting Antonio Silva on the card, and that tickets will go on sale on March 26.

As for Fedor, there's no word on when, where or against whom we'll see him fight again. There was a rumor making the rounds that Fedor was going to fight Hidehiko Yoshida, of all people, although M-1 Global says that's not true. There's also been talk that he could fight in an exhibition of some kind on April 10. Werdum hasn't been given a new opponent, which suggests that Strikeforce still thinks that fight could happen, and Strikeforce boss Scott Coker says talks with Fedor are going well.

But at some point we're going to need to stop hearing talk about Fedor's next fight and start seeing some action. For now, it's all guesswork.

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