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Mousasi, Sokoudjou, Babalu in Dream Grand Prix

Gegard MousasiGegard Mousasi, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Renato Sobral will all be participating in the Dream Light Heavyweight Grand Prix, which will begin on May 30 at Dream.15.

Mousasi confirmed his own participation in an interview with on Wednesday, and Dream officials confirmed that Sokoudjou and Babalu will be part of the tournament as well.

"I'm going to be busy," Mousasi said. "I'm fighting for Strikeforce in April, then I'll start the Dream light heavyweight tournament in May, then I'll be back to Strikeforce, then the next round of the Dream tournament, and I hope to fight in Japan in New Year's Eve as well."

Mousasi said he doesn't know all the details of the Dream tournament, but it is expected to be an eight-man tournament that will conclude some time in the summer or fall.

Mousasi, Sokoudjou and Sobral all fight for Strikeforce as well as Dream, and their presence is part of the co-promotional strategy of the two organizations. Sobral's manager told MMA Junkie he views the tournament as an opportunity to represent Strikeforce in Japan. Most of the best light heavyweights in MMA fight in the UFC, but the presence of multiple Strikeforce fighters will allow the Dream tournament to showcase the best of the light heavyweight division outside the UFC.

UPDATE: Chrisian M'Pumbu is also expected to participate in the tournament.

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