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Tito Ortiz Was Hospitalized With Flu

Tito Ortiz returned home Tuesday after hospital treatment for a bout with flu, the fighter updated on his Twitter page.

"Nice to be home. They put six bags of fluid in me. I'm better now. I lost 15 pounds. I thought I had swine flu but I didn't. Just a really bad flu," Ortiz wrote.

Ortiz's illness contributed in recent days to a lot of discussion whether he would be fighting opposing coach Chuck Liddell following the airing of all the taped The Ultimate Fighter 11 episodes.

Depending on who you believe, Liddell will either fight Ortiz as planned, or he will fight Rich Franklin at UFC 115 in June. Practically all major MMA sites reported Sunday the Franklin-Liddell matchup, but Ortiz and UFC president Dana White have both tweeted that the Liddell-Ortiz trilogy will happen. According to White, Randy Couture will be the one facing Franklin.

If you're wondering why Ortiz would be hooked to IV, the flu virus is more dangerous than most people think. From data compiled from the 1990s, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that an average of 36,000 people die each year of complications from the seasonal flu.

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