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Miguel Torres Posts Video of Surgery, Rips Ref

Miguel TorresDuring the March 6 WEC bout between Miguel Torres and Joseph Benavidez, an elbow from Benavidez opened an enormous cut on Torres' forehead.

Moments later, Benavidez got Torres to tap with a guillotine choke, and Torres was left covered in blood. Torres had to have a surgical procedure to repair the wound, and he posted this video of that procedure. It's obviously not something that people who get squeamish about medical procedures want to watch, but it's worth watching if you want to get an idea of just how much damage that elbow from Benavidez inflicted.

Check it out after the jump.

Warning: The video below is extremely graphic.

It's also worth watching for the message at the start of the video (which was first posted at MMA Mania and was presumably approved by Torres), which says, "The fight should have been stopped immediately because of the cut. However, the referee in this case did not do his job to protect the fighter."

I agree that the cut should have stopped the fight, but I also think that's a tough call for a ref to make, and I can't help but wonder whether, if the referee had stopped the fight immediately, Torres would be complaining about an early stoppage.

Anyway, the video along is enough to show what Torres had to go through, but I'll leave you with Torres's words on Twitter: "Worst part of this video was the doc ripping and pulling the skin off my skull. Souded like a tshirt ripping."

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