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Business Has Picked Up in MMA Video Game Marketplace

The North American MMA scene may be the healthiest it's ever been, what with the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce and Bellator all aggressively looking to expand. What makes this current climate so interesting is that each organization offers something a little different than others.

Just as interesting is the MMA video game landscape, which until last year was pretty non-existent. However, after the success of UFC 2009: Undisputed, THQ is set to release the 2010 version of the highly successful game in May.

A few months later, EA Sports will deliver it's first-ever video game, featuring some of the best fighters from Strikeforce and DREAM (and Randy Couture). Both companies put out new teasers of their respective games this week, which can be found below

I'm no video game expert, but I have always enjoyed a good combat sports game. To the naked eye, both games look great, but I'm curious to hear from the experts out there: which game looks better and which one will you be buying later this year?

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