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Versus Is Back on DirecTV, Just in Time for UFC

Versus is back on DirecTV. Just in time for UFC fans.

After six months of battle, DirecTV and Comcast, the parent company of Versus, announced on Monday that they've come to terms on a new agreement that will put Versus back on the same DirecTV packages it was on at the end of August. Neither side would say what the terms of the new deal are, but if you have DirecTV, you now have access to Versus again.

Mixed martial arts fans were always interested in the battle between DirecTV and Versus because Versus carries World Extreme Cagefighting, but the situation was starting to become even more serious in the MMA world because the UFC's first show on Versus will take place on Sunday. Now folks with DirecTV can watch.

"We are pleased that both sides were able to work out a satisfactory deal to bring this programming back to our customers," said Derek Chang, executive vice president for Content Strategy and Development at DirecTV.

"We're excited that we were able to come to a fair agreement that puts Versus back in millions of homes with DirecTV in time for our busy spring programming schedule," said Jamie Davis, president of Versus. "We look forward to super-serving these fans with NHL regular-season and playoff coverage, our first live UFC event and much more."

The deal is long overdue, but for UFC fans, it's just in time.

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